Today is September 1st!

2015-09-01 09:00 GMT+8

Today is the first day for the little ones to make a big step up in their lives and enter the school.

This day is the day when kids come together to one class and start their path on endeavors to pursue the heights of the knowledge.

Today is the long waited day for the teachers as well.

Today is the day when everyone would go years back and reminisce their student days and first uniforms.

On this day total of 64,364 6 year olds are to start their first day at school. Moreover, 539,818 students are to attend 799 secondary schools nationwide in the school year of 2015-2016.

While over 170 thousand students to attend 99 universities and colleges for this year.

14 schools with capacity of 5,690 seats, 47 kindergartens with 5,820 beds, 13 elementary and kindergarten school complexes with capacity of 2,460 seats and 1,440 beds, 9 dormitories with capacity of 920 beds and 7 sports complexes are to be built within this year.

We are wishing all the success for the students in their endeavors!

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