New Traffic rules drives the accident rate down by 31.7 percent


2015-09-02 13:35 GMT+8

Introduction of Renewed Traffic Rules was one of the hot topics among the city residents throughout summer. The implementation results were visible from the very first day of the rules taken into effect. September 1st was the busy day for the city as the new school year started.

Traffic Police has released data related with implementation of the renewed traffic rules taken into effect on September 1st. Compared with the data from the same period of last year the number of accident calls decreased to 241 calls, while a year ago the number was 353.

This is the 31.7 percent decline in traffic accident calls. Moreover, the number of registered traffic accidents has decreased by 37 percent, a decline to 78 from 124 on a same day of last year.

Number of injuries on September 1st of 2014 was 20, while the number this year was only 8, of which the 3 victims were kids. The cases of driving while intoxicated was 77 last year on September 1st, while the number this year has decreased to 31.

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