Traffic Rule Violators to be "punished"


2015-09-03 14:48 GMT+8

A group to "punish" the violators of traffic rules started their activities targeting drivers who speed up with yellow light, park their cars on pedestrian lanes and honk their horns.

Photos of the vehicles with big sticker which reads "I am a donkey without rules" on their windshiled has been circulating on social media recently.

This is the part of the activities of a group to "punish" the violators of the traffic rules. This will give the warning to the drivers who overuse the horns, violate traffic rules and others who do not behave in accordance with traffic rules.

I am donkey without rules

I park on pedestrian crossing

Next time we will be harsh on you

I am colorblind at traffic light

Cut the disrespecful behaviour when driving

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