Public holidays in 2017


2016-12-05 14:41 GMT+8

Recently, the government decided that in case any public holiday falls on weekend, it would be shifted to the next closest weekday. But this decision was only for the Republic Day on 26th of November, 2016. They announced that upcoming holidays will be discussed at a later date.

Friday December 29, is a public holiday - Mongolian National Revolution of Freedom and Independence Day. 

Here is the list of public holidays in 2017:

January 1, Sunday – New Year's Day Holiday 

February 27 and 28, Monday and Tuesday – Lunar New Year Holiday (Tsagaan Sar)

March 1, Wednesday – Lunar New Year Holiday 

March 8, Wednesday – International Women’s Day Holiday 

June 1, Thursday – Mothers’ and Children’s Day Holiday 

July 11 – 15, Tuesday to Saturday – Naadam Holiday 

November 19, Sunday – Chinggis Khaan’s Birthday Day Holiday 

November 26, Sunday – Independence Day Holiday 

December 29, Friday – National Revolution of Freedom and Independence Day Holiday.

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