Emissions from burning tires poison the human body for 8 years

A.Ikhsanaa GoGo.mn

2017-03-15 15:16 GMT+8

As air pollution concerns National security of Mongolia, City Inspection Agency conducted investigation on individuals, services and entities operating in 129 khoroos of Ulaanbaatar city that are using air pollution sources. 

Total of 1962 objects were examined, of which 78 of them ordered to use electric heaters and six entities changed their stoves with complete combustion stoves. 

City Inspection Agency warns that large amount of persistent organic pollutants including furans and dioxins emit when burning used tires, plastics and waste.

Such types of pollutants are stored in air for 32 days, in soils for 10-12 years and in the human body for more than 8 years while it will cause cancer, reduce immune system, harm fetal and brain development. 

Thus every citizen should contribute to reducing air pollution by reporting the offenses at (976) - 77775000. 

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