Wastewater treatment technology introduced


2017-03-16 15:24 GMT+8

Due to lack of law enforcement of water pollution fee and operational failure of treatment plant, Tuul river pollution exceeds the standard as Tuul river provides the only supply of water for all uses including industrial supply and drinking water for Ulaanbaatar city. 

In scope of upcoming World Water Day, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism held a press session today. 

Mongolia uses 500-600 million cubic meters of water per year and produces 470 million cubic meters of waste water. However, the country does not reuse the waste water due to lack of treatment technology. 

Meanwhile many countries are using nanotechnologies in wastewater treatment and purification by removing the pollution and contamination​ with mechanistic biology, biotechnology, nanotechnology and membrane technology. 

Mongolia has testing new technologies in wastewater treatment since 2012. Until then the country successfully introduced the "Khuvsgul" wastewater technology and put into operation a wastewater treatment plant which is capable of purify 25 cubic meters of wastewater per day in Gatsuurt village in 2016. 

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