Thousands of saker falcons die from electrocution

2017-03-16 18:08 GMT+8

Due to inefficient solutions in power lines, over 4000 saker falcons worth MNT 64 billion die annually in Mongolia. This number increases twice in some years. 

Study conducted by researchers at Wildlife Science and Conservation Center shows that the majority of the saker falcons died from sitting on power lines are baby falcons or one-year-old falcons.

"A bird needs to rest and relax while flying and the best place for them seem power lines. It is common in all over the world. Thus we need to introduce environmentally friendly power line solution in order to ensure the safety of the birds. Birds electrocute when sitting or taking off from the utility poles of power lines", said Dr. B.Nyambayar. 

Moreover study reveals that 63 percent of electrocuted falcons were females due to females are bigger than the males. Furthermore, it adversely affect fertility. 

Environment and energy industries began to focus on that issue several years ago. In regards they installed insulators to 250 utility poles of power lines connecting Bayan-Ovoo and Galuut soums of Bayankhongor aimag. 

As a result, number of electrocuted birds were decreased to 39 from 52. However 32 of them were found under the utility poles without insulators. 

Experts highlights that insulators should be installed to all utility poles.  

The Government set ecological and economic assessment for each saker falcons at MNT 16 million and banned to hunt saker falcons until 2018. 

Bird repeller such as mirror fan was installed in power lines to ensure the safety of birds. However this method was not effective and not suitable for Mongolian climate. 

The country urgently needs to update the relevant regulations and standards in order to save the saker falcons by making 4,000 km of 15 kV power lines safe.

About 6-18 thousand saker falcons were counted nationwide 11 years ago. Since then no census were conducted until today. However thousands of saker falcons are died from electrocution every year. 

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