Mongolian peacekeepers return lost boy to parents


2017-03-17 17:38 GMT+8

Good news has been reported by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) Mongolian Battalion with March 18, Mongolian Soldiers’ day and the 96th anniversary of Mongolian Armed Forces just around the corner.

Members of the Mongolian Battalion first sergeant T.Buyanzul and second sergeant O.Tsend-Ayush rescued a 2-year-old Sudanese boy from danger zone. Following the event and around midnight, three civilians came looking for a child to the patrol base. The child was returned to his parents. 

UN Police and Community Watch Group for internally displaced persons extended their appreciation of the Mongolian peacekeepers.

Moreover, General Staff of the Mongolian Armed Forces reports that the UNMISS Mongolian Battalion successfully organized a march-tactical competition among the Mongolian peacekeepers on March 11-12. A total of 12 groups were challenged by various exercises along a 3 km route in the competition.

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