National program approved to curb air pollution


2017-03-22 09:20 GMT+8

Cabinet approved a National Program on Reducing Air Pollution at its regular meeting held on March 20. The program is to be implemented in two stages, in 2017-2018 for short term and 2018-2021 for long term. With realization of 59 measures reflected, usage of raw coal for fuel in Ger area households, entities and other organizations is expected to be banned.

As results, air polluting factors are estimated to decrease by 80 percent and toxic particles and sulphuric dioxide - to decrease by more than 50 percent. 

Information Centers for Environmentally Friendly Technology will open in Bayanzurkh, Songinokhairkhan and Chingeltei districts of Ulaanbaatar city. Moreover, a bill on Establishing an Anti-Air-Pollution Fund and draft amendments to related laws targeted to protecting the environment, reducing environmental pollution, determining stakeholders’ responsibilities of rehabilitation and improving public participation and monitoring will be submitted to the parliament, pursuant to a direction by the Prime Minister.

The target groups will receive processed fuel, electric heater and nighttime power-meter at discounted prices. Producers and manufacturers of technologies and new ideas, as well as value-added and import-substituting products that are good for the environment will enjoy tax alleviations. 

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