Hazardous levels of air pollution hits UB right now


2017-04-18 17:00 GMT+8

Hazardous levels of air pollution hit most areas of Ulaanbaatar city right now including areas nearby Mongol gazar, Bayankhoshuu, Nisekh (areas nearby Chinggis Khan airport), Misheel expo, Baruun 4 zam (West 4 intersection), MNB, Tolgoit and Urgakh naran due to the strong dust storm.  

According to the agaar.mn, an air quality monitoring website, air quality index reaches 2986 in areas nearby Mongol gazar, 1803 in Bayankhoshuu and 1059 in Nisekh where levels of particulate matter (PM10) in the air is ranging between 2539-530 micrograms per cubic meter  in these areas. 

Particulate matter (PM10) pollution consists of very small liquid and solid particles floating in the air. Of greatest concern to public health are the particles small enough to be inhaled into the deepest parts of the lung. These particles are less than 10 microns in diameter - about 1/7th the thickness of the human hair - and are known as PM10. This includes fine particulate matter known as PM2.5.

PM10 is a major component of air pollution that threatens both our health and our environment.

PM10 can increase the number and severity of asthma attacks, cause or aggravate bronchitis and other lung diseases, and reduce the body's ability to fight infections.

Although particulate matter can cause health problems for everyone, certain people are especially vulnerable to PM10's adverse health effects. These "sensitive populations" include children, the elderly, exercising adults, and those suffering from asthma or bronchitis.

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