2017-05-09 13:02 GMT+8

Ulaanbaatar Electricity Distribution Network Company (UBEDN) to cut hot water partially throughout Ulaanbaatar due to maintenance works on main heating lines which will be starting May 15.


  Period Hot water outage by areas
1 May 15 - May 19 /Five days/ Offices and apartments near Chinggis Khan International Airport, Buyant-Ukhaa 1, 2 town, Devshil LLC, Monos JSC, Дэвшил ХХК, Монос ХК, Military Town, Gatsuurt JSC
2 May 16 - May 20 /Five days/ Makh Impex JSC, 21st micro district, areas near Orchlon town 
3 May 22 - May 27 /Six days/ The Leather Industry Union, APU JSC, Textile buildings, Khan-Uul district general hospital
4 June 05 - June 11 /Seven days/ Khar khorin market, Erin, Nomin, areas nearby Golden Park town 
Areas to have hot water outage from July 17 to Sep 8 
5 July 17- July 21 /Five days/ Office and apartments near Orgil Recreation, National stadium, 120K, Jargalan, Narhan town, Bayanmongol, Olymp town, Shine Mongol school, 13rd micro district
6 July 24 - July 28 /Five days/ UB Palace, 10th micro district, 3rd hospital, areas near 1st micro district
7 July 31 - Aug 04 /Five days/ Circus, 31st secondary school, Exhibition, Japanese Embassy, Shuren hotel, Shine ue secondary school, 21st secondary school, Wrestler`s Palace, 13rd micro district, Sansar, 15th micro district
8 Aug 07 - Aug 11 /Five days/ 3rd and 4th micro district, areas nearby Gandantegchilen monastery 
9 Aug 14 - Aug 18 /Five days/ Apartments and offices near Infectious Disease Research Center, Zuunkhuree town, Russian hospital, Movie industry, Bridge group, Military museum, 2nd hospital, Embassy of UK
10 Aug 21 - Aug 25 /Five days/ Erel group, Goyo LLC, Bus-1, Ministry of Energy, Altai town, Bars market, Grand plaza, Gobi JSC, Railway hospital, 2nd hospital, areas near railway station
11 Aug 22 - Aug 26 /Five days/ Night plaza, Narantuul market, Elder`s town, Bayanzurkh district, Minisrty of Defense, SOS town, 16th town, Defense School
12 Sep 04 - Sep 08 /Five days/ Apartments and offices near  Baga toiruu, Flower center, 12th Government building, 5th secondary school, National University of Mongolia, National University of Science and Technology, 64th market, Sports Palace, University of Education, 1st hospital, University of Finance and Economy, Bayanzurkh market 


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