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Mongolia is a country of rich natural wonders and diverse cultural heritages and presents plentiful exciting festivals and events all year around from Tsaatan Reindeer Festival to Golden Eagle Festival, traditional weddings to the Great Naadam Festival to visitors and its’ people.

Some really exhilarating events and festivals are taking place all across this beautiful, vast and ancient land of nomads. This winter and spring, we witnessed some truly wonderful festivals such as Golden Eagle Festival, Khuvsgul Ice Festival and Camel Festival etc so far (don’t get too upset if you missed this year, try next winter-spring!), and there are many more planned for the summer-autumn!


Event name


Organisers & contacts

3-4 June

Ulaanbaatar exhibition

Sukhbaatar Square, Ulaanbaatar city

Ulaanbaatar Tourism Department

Tel: 976-7012 8687, 9983 8674

17 June  Horse Festival Hanhongor soum, South Gobi aimag -
25-27 June Naadam Festival of Buryat ethnic group

Bayandun soum, Dornod aimag


Tel: 976-99665558

30 June Hunnu Music Festival Giant Chinggis Statue, Tsonjin Boldog 

Genco Tour Bureau

Tel: 976-70120202

4-5 July  Biye biyelgee, Mongolian traditional folk dance festival Hovd city, Hovd province 


Tel: 976-99715971

7-8 July Silence White Children`s Park, Ulaanbaatar city

Mongol Mix Project.

Tel: 976-99082515

7-8 July Tsaatan Festival Khatgal village, Lake Huvsgul

Huvsgul governor’s office D.Dulamsuren

Tel: 976-98729090

7-9 July "Playtime" live music festival Hotel Mongolia, Gachuurt village

Live Music Festival NGO.

Tel: 976-99118390


7-10 July  Naadam Festival Uliastai city, Zavhan province


Tel: 976-94064466

10 July

Deeltei Mongol Festival (Mongolian National Costume Festival)

Sukhbaatar Square, Ulaanbaatar city

Ulaanbaatar Tourism Department & Mongolian Tourism Association

Tel: 976-7012 8687, 9983 8674

10-20 July Naadam Festival Nationwide (exact dates to be declared for each city/village)

National Naadam Committee & local governors’ offices.

18 July Mongolia Yak Festival Tariat soum, Arkhangai province


Tel: 976-98115529

22 July

Mongolian Felt Making Festival

Khujirt soum, Uvurkhangai province

Uvurkhangai tourism association B.Munkhsoyol, B.Batsugar 

Tel: 976-94007001, 99058710

23 July Mongolia Yak Festival Khujirt soum, Uvurkhangai province

Uvurkhangai tourism association B.Munkhsoyol, B.Batsugar 

Tel: 976-94007001, 99058710

(dates to be declared)

Sand Festival Ereen Nuur camp, Gobi-Altai province

Gobi-Altai governor’s office.

Tel: 976-9949418

(dates to be declared)
Airag Festival  Saihan soum, Bulgan province


Tel: 976-99299547

4-6 August

Folk Arts International Festival

Turgen soum, Uvs province 


Tel: 976-95777711

5-6 August Sunrise to Sunset Asia Ultra Marathon Toilogt camp, Lake Huvsgul

Huvsgul Travel LLC. Tel: 976-9911-2273, 9911-5771

6-7 August

Danshig Naadam Festival

Khuin Doloon Khudag, Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar Tourism Department.

Tel: 976-70108687, 70148687

7 August

The Orkhon Valley Horse Festival

Tsaidam camp, Arkhangai province


Tel: 976-98115529

13-17 August  Discover Mongolia Business Tour  Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia  Discover Mongolia 

Tel: 976-70120011


11-19 August

Mongolia Bike Challenge

Giant Genghis Statue in the Tuul river valley

15 August

The Gobi Naadam Festival (Khongor Khurd)

Khongor sand dunes, South Gobi (Umnugobi province)

Gobi Discovery LLC N.Ariunsanaa & Umnugobi governor’s office N.Burmaa

Tel: 976-95144470, 86485584

25-26 Aug  Seabukthorn Festival  Ulaangom city, Uvs province


Tel: 976-11-95777711

5 Sep  Mongol Airag (Mare`s milk) Festival Saihan-Ovoo soum, Dundgobi province


Tel: 976-99913261, 88582247

5-6 September

Ganga Lake Festival

Dariganga soum, Sukhbaatar province


Tel: 976-99003579

17-18 September

Altai Eagle Festival

Sagsai soum, Bayan-Ulgii province


Tel: 976-99426633


November (dates to be declared)


Camel Festival  Gobi-Altai province -
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