Attend Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset trail run & visit the world`s most pristine areas

Journalist A.Odontuya

2017-07-14 09:06 GMT+8

The 19th Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset (MS2S) 42km and 100km ultra trail run will take part from 29 July to 5 August 2017 in the untouched nature of Northern Mongolia, the Hovsgol province. It is more than a marathon: Every year since 1999, participants from all over the world spend one week in the untouched nature, experiencing the unique nomadic culture and run in one of the world’s most pristine mountain areas.

The race is not only beautiful but also challenging: The accumulated elevation gain/loss in the marathon distance is more than 2.200 meters, in the 100km ultra run it is more than 3.300 meters. Still, everybody with a strong spirit and good training can complete the race. The cut-off time is 18 hours.

In the 2016 race, runners from 21 countries participated in the MS2S. Runners spent a week together on the shores of Lake Hovsgol, creating an exceptional atmosphere – one big running family. The Brazilian runner Cicero Souza was able to secure the win on 100km in a time of 12:59 hours. British Ruth Murdie was the fastest ultra-lady in 16:19 hours. The 42km winners were the Mongolian runners Tugldur Tselmegsaikhan and Purevchuluun Narmandakh. In the veteran 100km category, Swiss Hans Jörg Hegner won in strong 15:50 hours.

MS2S is one of the oldest and classic trail races in Asia, and for the third consecutive year, runners can score points there for the Asia Trail Master Championship and, if they do the 100k, for their individual Grandmaster Quest. 


MS2S is organized on a non-profit basis. All proceeds are used to keep Hovsgol National Park pristine and clean as well as to support the culture of the local nomads via the ecoLeap foundation registered in Geneva, Switzerland.

“We want to keep this pristine mountain area as beautiful as it is now. That is why we fund a litter control project and its ongoing operation including hiring park rangers, providing eco-friendly garbage bags and raising awareness nationwide through TV ads and education of local children and families”, explains race director Nicolas Musy.

The ecoLeap foundation also supports the local culture, adds Musy: “It is not only the pristine nature that makes this part of the world so special. It is also the unique culture of the nomads and their way of life. The nomads should be proud of their abilities and culture.”


The event course follows a lakeside singletrack north of Camp Toilogt through woods and over windblown lowlands for the first 12km (7.5 miles). In the next 5 km, the course departs the lake and heads up over 700 meters (2,400 feet) into the mountains to spectacular views and 2,300 meters (7,550 ft) Chichee Pass. From this first pass, the route heads south along a ridge, descends steeply into a river valley, follows along the river bed through sometimes marshy sections, returns up another river valley, and climbs steeply through a mossy forest to Khirvesteg Pass. From the second pass, runner’s descend steeply again to another valley and return to the lakeshore to make their way back to Camp Toilogt and the 42km mark – the finish of the marathon and Aid-station No. 4 for 100 km runners.

For the 100 km course, the route continues along the lake to the southwest, following a mostly flat dirt trail for 15 km, then ascends Jankhai Pass at just under 2,000-meter elevation. From Jankhai Pass, the course is primarily a gentle downhill over trails and unpaved single-track roads, with the final 25 km (15 miles) level along the lakeshore. The accumulated elevation gain/loss for the marathon distance is around 2,255 meters (7,400 ft) and for the 100 km, it is around 3,365 meters (11,040 ft). Lowest elevation is 1645 meters (5,400 ft) and highest elevation is 2,300 meters (7,550 ft). The cut-off time for the ultra-marathon is 18 hours.

Cut-off times at key aid stations will be enforced so that the last runner finishes the Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset before last light (Sunset). Cut-off times are arranged to ensure that any runners that miss cut-offs can be shuttled to the finish area by last light. Local volunteers assist in relaying supplies and manning the aid stations. Doctors will be able to reach all sections of the course on horseback.


The following travel packages are available for participants, companions, and children. All packages start and finish in UB (Ulaanbaatar) International Airport.

Race Week Package* – (29th July-5th August 2017)
Accommodation in a comfortable ger camp by Hovsgol Lake with horse riding, trekking, kayaking and fishing opportunities before and after the race “Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset 2017″. 

  • US$ 1920 (adult)
  • US$ 1020 (children from 5-15 years)
  • US$ 620 (children under 5 years)
  • Free (children under 2 years)

Note that the package prices will be increased by registration and payment from June 1st to June 15th Plus US$ 500 /package/person. 

Click HERE for registration. For further information, please visit HERE

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