Reindeer festival will take place in West shore of Khuvsgul lake

2017-06-29 15:31 GMT+8

The 17th edition of Reindeer Festival will take place on Jul 7-8th at Dalai Tour tourist camp, located on the West shore of Khuvsgul lake. 

Organized by the Mon Travel LLC and Dalai tour tourist camp, the festival offers art exhibitions, handicrafts, the dwelling of reindeer herders, reindeer relay competition, mini Naadam festival and motorboats. 

The Reindeer Festival plays a crucial role in promoting unique culture and customs of reindeer families, spreading tradition of Darkhad reindeer shaman as well as protecting reindeer.

Moreover, the festival aims to increase the number of reindeer, improve living standards and income of locals as well as create new tourism event. 

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