The winner of Mongol Naadam Wrestling

2017-07-16 09:37 GMT+8

This year 512 wrestlers have competed at the Mongol Naadam Wrestling, which is the main event that wrestlers earn national titles. Finalists were State Hawk Ts.Sodnomdorj and State Hawk U.Bat-Orshikh.

Mongolian wrestling titles represent strong animals symbolizing power and agility for wrestlers. Below are the titles earned at the Great Naadam:

  • 5 rounds – Falcon
  • 6 rounds – Hawk
  • 7 rounds – Elephant
  • 8 rounds – Garuda
  • 9 rounds – Lion (winning a Naadam of 512 wrestlers)
  • And if a Lion wins another year he will become Champion and for more years of winning praisals are added to his title.

State Hawk Ts.Sodnomdorj won over State Hawk U.Bat-Orshikh and became the State Lion. Toyoto Motors LLC awarded the winner of Mongol Naadam Wrestler with the Toyota LandCruiser 200.

Photo by D.Javkhlantugs

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