Mongolia Eagle Festivals in 2017

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2017-09-04 12:17 GMT+8

Mongolia is a home to an amazing 2000 years old tradition of hunting with trained Golden Eagles. This tradition has been passed from generation to generation among the Kazakh nomads in the beautiful Altai Mountains. The tradition even survived the harsh communist regime, when national identities such as traditions and religions were severely oppressed – thanks to the Mongolian government for consenting ethnic minorities to possess their languages and traditions. 

The Kazakh is a nomadic ethnic group that mostly inhabit in the Altai Mountains in Western Mongolia, it’s estimated that the total Kazakh population in Mongolia is about 100 thousand. Each year, the Kazakhs hold a few festivals for their renowned Eagle Hunters in Bayan-Ulgii province. The thrilling festivals feature about 30-70 eagle hunters or the “Berkutchi” each, and their mighty eagles that show off their hunting skills in several competitions starting with chasing a fox skin.

Moreover, the festivals include numerous traditional Kazakh games including the famous Kokbar, where nomadic men compete for a goatskin on horseback. The others are Tiyn Teru (a race to pick a coin off the ground from horseback) and Kyz Kuar (“woman chase,” a man and woman racing with the woman whipping the man). Winners are selected and awarded in each competition.

And here’s this year’s dates, venues and organisers:

  • Altai Eagle Festival is organised on 17-18 September in Sagsai soum, Bayan-Ulgii  provinceby Blue Wolf Travel, contacts: 976-9911-0303, 9910-0303. Email:
  • Golden Eagle Festival is on 30 Sep-01 October in Bugat soum, Bayan-Ulgii province. Berkutchi Association organises the event, and they are reachable at 976-9542-0990, 9942-3395.
  • Hansonar Eagle Festival is on 7 October in Sagsai soum, Bayan-Ulgii province. Altai Peaks are organising the event, and their contact numbers are 976-9941-4588, 9941-9294, and you can email them at too.

Food and traditional Kazakh crafts are sold for festival-goers at the venues by locals at all three festivals. Gers and tents are available for rent at the festival site or in Ulgii as well as transfers. Most Mongolian tour operators provide good package tours as well.

Photos are provided by the Organisers.

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