O.Erkhemjargal: Customers can make an appointment for certain visa permit services

Mongolia Immigration Agency

2017-09-18 16:20 GMT+8

The Mongolia Immigration Agency (MIA) has promoted a goal of “Online Immigration Service” in 2017, under this goal the agency has initiated services which would make the service more timely and consistent with an international standard. This time, the Mongolia Immigration Agency is implementing “Telephone appointment service” and we have interviewed Mr. Erkhemjargal, information officer of the MIA, regarding the new service.

-That is the first time that the government agency has applied “Telephone appointment service” in Mongolia.  Please provide detailed information about the service.   
-High technology is being widely used worldwide. At the same time, our agency is implementing “Telephone appointment service” starting from 15th September, which applies to international standard. Our customers can ask an appointment to a certain type of visa permit service via telephone, without waiting in a queue.

In the first stage, the service is covering foreign investors, educational field clients such as students and teachers as well as an inter-governmental organization customers.

The MIA customers are foreigners and mainly foreign investors, businessmen and applicant form an educational arena among them. Thus, the service is up-to-date as it not only saving the time of customers but also reducing the state service burden. On the other hand, it can be one way to attract foreign investors. Since the customer made an appointment, one does not have to wait in line to apply, which makes customers more satisfied with the service. On top of that, the Mongolia Immigration Agency is quite far from the city center. Regarding those circumstances, we have executed the service which could be time and economic friendly.

-How can we make an appointment? What are the requirements for customers?
-Customers can make telephone appointment by making a call to information center 1800-1882 and the appointment due time could be up to 1 (one) month. The customer can apply for the MIA service in the prearranged time and if the customer didn’t arrive on time, the appointment shall be canceled. More importantly, customers who are making an appointment must bring proper and complete documents in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, as inquiring from the information center and from our website. There are common incomplete documents as having no photographs and filling out application form incomplete.  

Customers can make telephone appointment by making a call to information center 1800-1882 and the appointment due time could be up to 1 (one) month.

We only receive complete documents for visa permit and issue the service within timeline in accordance with laws and regulations. Having an appointment with unprepared and incomplete documents is certainly avoidable. Due to lack of documents, service could become complicated as the customer need to come over again. Therefore, I strongly advise to our customers to increase one’s responsibility for not having a difficult situation for themselves.

Finally, I would like to highlight that the service is not decision-making period, but to check the completeness of the visa permit documents during the given time.

-How would the Mongolia Immigration Agency provide service for those who do not have the appointment?
-The MIA would provide service normally for those customers with line numbers issued in service hall. “Telephone appointment service” does not mean all customer must make an appointment for applying for visa permit. Accordingly, the state service will proceed typically in working hours as before.

-What are the new services that the MIA planning to launch in the near future?
-The Mongolia Immigration Agency’s goal of this year is “Online Immigration Service”. Furthermore, we would continue working to provide online services in compliance with an international standard. For example, our agency will test online visa permit service from September 20, 2017. This service would check whether applicant’s documents are complete or not, and more importantly, it would save the time of our customers. If the examination can be conducted successfully, we will continue working on the improvement of more online services. 

-Thank you. 

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