Multiple entry visa for the temporary visitors to Mongolia

Mongolia Immigration Agency

2017-09-28 10:43 GMT+8

Dear Customers of Mongolia Immigration Agency, I would like to inform you on the multiple entry visa which could be issued for the temporary visitors to Mongolia.  

A temporary visitor, a foreign citizen who is willing to reside in Mongolia for up to 30 days, may apply for a multiple entry visa and visa permit. For example,

  • A foreigner who arrives multiple times in Mongolia for a business purpose may apply for multiple entry visa type of “B” classification,
  • And foreign investors may apply for multiple entry visa type of “T” classification;

Unless otherwise provided in the international treaties of Mongolia, multiple entry visa which is issued to temporary visitors shall be valid for 183 or 365 days, however, the days to stay in Mongolia shall be 30 days.

Citizen, legal entity or organization representative who is applying for multiple entry visa must complete a visa application and bring following documents. Herein:

At first: Request from the host,

Secondly: Valid passport of the foreigner or a document that substitutes passport,

Thirdly: Copy of state registration certificate of the organization.

Please consider that visa approving period can be prolonged if an applicant is requested for further documents or asked for an interview since customer submits an incomplete application or could not define the purpose to acquire the visa and other reasons according to the “Law of Mongolia on the Legal Status of Foreigner”. Thank you for your attention.

For more information please enquire from our call center 1800-1882.

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