IMMIGRATION AGENCY: Residence permit

Mongolia Immigration Agency

2017-10-05 10:25 GMT+8

The residence permit is authorization which is issued to foreign nationals to reside in Mongolia for an official and private purpose for more than 90 days.

A foreign national shall request from the Mongolia Immigration Agency (MIA) for the proper type of visa which corresponds with residence permit requirements. The customer shall get the visa from diplomatic and consular missions of Mongolia abroad after a visa permit is issued from the MIA.

For those applicants, from a nation which the diplomatic and consular missions of Mongolia have not established, shall get the visa from border point. The conforming visa holder must be registered within 7 days and must apply for the residence permit within 21 days to the Mongolia Immigration Agency afterward the first day of arrival in Mongolia.

Residence permit for a foreign national with private purpose shall be granted in following varieties:

  • for family reasons;
  • for immigration;
  • for work;
  • for investment purpose;
  • for study, internship, scientific research or investigation, and other private matters.

Please inquire from our call center 1800-1882 on the documents to complete if you apply for the residence permit since the application documents are dissimilar regarding the intention of residence.

Please consider that you may be refused to get the residence permit and its extension for following circumstances. If you:

  • Have given fraud statement,
  • Have violated the regulations of visa, registration and residence policy twice or more times, according to the related laws,
  • Have presented violations such us counterfeited, amended and/or fallaciously composed visa and/or any other documents that are issued by authorized organizations;

 Thank you for the attention.

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