Most Romantic Dating spots


2018-01-05 10:01 GMT+8

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A Helicopter date

“Wherever you are, My heart beats with yours”

Spend the day or the night upon the skies with only two of you (except the pilot). Enjoy the city view of Hong Kong as you and your date come closer. Helicopter date can be considered to be extreme however there is nothing be afraid of when you are together.

A Boat Ride Date

“In a Sea full of people, the only one that matters is you”

A date on a boat could be a cliché, however it could be most romantic.  You may feel as if the calm waters are chanting, the City Lights  are cheering for you and your partner. You love story will be remembered by the water current.

City View Lounge

“The rain will hold me no more

As you heal my broken core”

More of a standard and comforting dating spot, restaurants around the city such as the Café Deco Bar & Grill are a great choice. It may not be over the top, but what would be more important than listening to each other speak.

Spend the night at a Luxurious Bar

“Nothing will separate us tonight”

For those who like to go out at night for some entertainment, there are plenty of luxurious bars all around Hong Kong. Honi Honi Tiki Cocktail Lounge stands out more than others due to the atmosphere. The cocktails are a top notch, which can be a good star for the date and lead to more fun.

Walk along the streets

“Forever is not long enough for you and me”

Sometimes it is nice to just take a stroll along the streets. And Lan Kwai Fong would be the perfect one. There are many services and places you coul visit if you wish to do so. The sense of exploring together could be appealing to some.

Hong Kong Park

“Even God can’t take you away from me”

Nan Lian Garden is without a doubt the best place that you can take your date to. The historic buildings surrounded by magnificent nature and peaceful air makes Nan Lian Garden feel like a gate to another world. It will be a nice escape for you and your love from the crowds.

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