RARE PHOTOS: Mongolian women in late of the 19th century

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2018-03-07 11:23 GMT+8

Horse riding women

In scoop of International Women’s day we present Mongolian women’s pictures from “Mongolians II” catalogue of “Mongolians” series made by the director of Institute of History and Archaeology, MAS, Sc.D S.Chuluun.

The author of the book took these photos from Russian Institute of History and Material Culture locates in Saint Petersburg, Russia and these photos are part of Borovka’s private collection. Borovoka was a researcher who worked in Mongolia between 1925 and 1926.

These photos were never displayed to the public and they first published in “Mongolians-II’’ historical, rare picture catalogue in both Russian and Mongolian.

But most of the picture dates are unknown. According to researchers, these photos belong in the late of 19th century. Sc.D S.Chuluun took these pictures from old pictures archive in the Institute of Anthropology and Ethnography, Russian Academy of Science.

See more pictures of Mongolians’ daily lives from “Mongolian people” historical, rare picture catalogue.  

Urgoo city (Ulaanbaatar city). Women in traditional clothes

Copy of the original photo. Mongolia. The lord`s wife comes to the “Naadam” festival.

In the Chinese store

Horse riding womenNear to the Chinese store.Urgoo city (Ulaanbaatar city). The woman strides across the puddle

Urgoo city (Ulaanbaatar city). Woman in the market

The Mongolian woman buys a good

Ikh Alag. Habitants and sheep near to the expedition site

Women and children in traditional clothes

Women with children

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