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2018-03-09 10:30 GMT+8

Located on the 5th floor of EmartWith the company of my children, I went to the “DuDu” children’s museum a few days ago. Located on the 5th floor of Emart, this place reminded me of a simple game center when I first heard about it.

Contrary to what I expected it would be, I was welcomed with an interesting atmosphere.

With our guideline to try out and play with the new installments, we were actually breaking their rule of “Do not touch”.

Organizer D. Buyanjargal said:

Most museums follow the guideline of not allowing people to touch the exhibitions. But we use the principle of giving the permission to people to engage. With this permission, children can acquiesce immense education. Currently we are operating in an over 700 sq.meters. It’s common for people to see this place as a gaming center because there is virtually no children’s museum like us functioning in Mongolia.

This museum really fits for those who love exploring new things on their own. Here, children can learn by doing experiments with their bare hands and by doing so they receive a feeling that they are making something marvellous.

Section of Cosmology.

This museum has a total of 22 sections including a cosmology, air pressure, ger with traditional games, bank, dinosaur’s world, hospital, construction site, jumping, and water world.

To give them the exact feeling, for example, children can wear doctor, firefighter, astronaut or constructor’s uniform and play in a realistic experience. That helps children to learn more about specific jobs.


Also, if your kid leans toward the interest of art, we have a section called “Music, Art and Theatre”.  Here you can observe your children's’ hands-on skills on different jobs.


One of the many purposes of this museum is to give an understanding of science. We have things that will attract not only our children’s interest but our own too. For example, let the ball float in the air, pump a glove and give it new a shape.

Children prefer to draw on the wall rather than on a paper. In the drawing house, your child has the leeway to draw or write whatever they want on the wall. Furthermore, in a house with a tilted interior design, your beloved child can experience a surreal reality. In paleontology section, children are able to dig and find shellheap such as dinosaur’s bone or egg.

Floating ball

Partial house

In cosmology section, children can learn more about other plants and get answers on questions like “Does the earth move around the moon or is it the moon that does so?”. Also, they can launch a little rocket and watch the first Mongolian who landed on the moon, astronaut J.Gurragchaa’s history on TV.

One of the special things about “DuDu” museum is a chance for parents to play with their children. By doing so parents can observe their children’s natural skills and interests. Also, the main thing of this museum is STEM /Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics/. For example children can figure out how tiers work by just playing with them.

When you cycle, this device will show how bicycle was invented

Game store and workroom

Organizer D.Buyanjargal said:

“In foreign countries, museums are considered as a great environment for outside-class education. But in Mongolia, we don’t have such places.”

Teachers can bring their students to show his or her class more practically

To see all exhibits you will need approximately 3-4 hours. Since there is no time limit, children are able to spend time as much as they want.

Teachers can also bring their students to show his/her class in a more practical environment. There are special events for classmates, so it’s a great opportunity for students to see their lessons in real life. Although 0-17 year olds are open to visit “DuDu”, children of below 7 years cannot enter without someone to look after.

The museum is capable of 100-150 children at one time.

Organizer D. Buyanjargal said:

“Our main mission is to give satisfaction to our customers. As we aspired to happen it, every children come here with a true astonishment on their faces from the beginning. For example when the ball floats in the air, children think of it as magic. When in fact, this is just a basic tenet of science. In the future, we’ll improve our exhibits and focus more on the STEM”

When classmates come on work days, there is a discount of 5000 tugriks per each individuals in the group. Also, you can get one, two, three or 12 months membership cards. With the membership card you can come whenever you want to, even for the whole day within the duration of your card. Children who are the members of this place can also celebrate their birthday at the museum and attend events of the museum.

Project manager says with the “DuDu” museum they aim to solve following 4 problems.

1. A new way to improve a child.

Water world

Most of the parents send their children to different activities outside of school. But the option for these activities are limited. On the other hand, that means they don’t go to different clubs. Because of this, parents can’t discover what their children are good at. Even children don’t find their true passion. Fortunately, with the help of our museum, children can get amazing first impressions on different jobs and as well as the basic knowledge of science.  It’s a great opportunity for parents to see their children’s interest blooming.

2. Chance to spend time with the family.

In game centers, parents usually wait their children outside, but here they can play with their children.

3. Opportunity for teachers to do practical teaching.

According to a research, the reason why the quality of education is not so good here is the lack of experimental spaces where children can learn so much. So we created that environment in our museum to provide teachers with a chance to do more effective teaching method.

4. The bridge for companies to fulfill their social responsibilities.

​A little Golomt Bank

Here is a picture of little Golomt Bank. This bank aims to improve citizen’s finance education. That’s why the bank is working with our museum to give children the right understanding of finance.

Besides Golomt Bank, organizations such as The Red Cross and Color Design House are co-working with “DuDu” museum too.

Organizations do social works for children. So that “DuDu” museum work as a bridge between these companies and children.


It’s allowed to bring beverage inside but not food. So children should come well fed. In most cases, children want to be in the museum for a long time, so let them wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Also, children easily get wet in the water world, so it’s advisable to bring spare clothes.

D. Tushigt-Erdene

Know how hard it’s to build a house

A finger puppet theater, interesting magic show and entertainment shows will be held

Here, 0-2 year olds can play with their parents

Here is a non-visible power, capable of lifting a huge plane. You can do science experiments with air pressure, and see how the air pressure and air flow become the source of power

In this section, children are able to see Mongolian lives

Honey chamber a.k.a game of face up- fear

Instruments made by pipe

Onboarding this plane children will imagine himself/herself as a pilot

Children like to play with water. Here, they can play as long as they want by also learning to save water. Also, this section is built for making experiments using water flow and pressure.

If one gets tired playing,  they can sit here and play with Lego

Here, children can store their money, even the real ones too

National currencies

Wear astronaut clothes and travel through the universe

But before becoming an astronaut, take this little exam

Automated operator will give detailed information on the specific field

In workroom, children can create things with their parent and make unforgettable memories of their childhood.

Gratitude notes from our customers

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