SOS: 120 children die due to air pollution annually

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2019-01-25 15:04 GMT+8

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Every year, 120 children die due to air pollution.

Is it less?

This number tends to increase by 2020 and it shows death amount of direct influence. There is no research on death prognosis of lung cancer to be diagnosed later. The number 120 means three classes with 40 children pass away within one year. The number will increase to be one whole kindergarden children after 5 years.

What actions did Ministers in charge of environment take for this situation?

None of Ministers of Environment did not reduce the smoke.

What actions did Mayors take for this situation?

None of Mayors since 2000 did not reduce the smoke.

In fact, they only adhered short-sighted poor policy such as smokeless stove, processed fuel and electricity discount.

Nobody took any action.

In 2008-2016, MNT 164,1 billion from State budget and Clear air fund, and USD 153,3 million from foreign aid were used for decreasing air pollution. Approximately MNT 600 billion were used, but no decrease of air pollution seen today.

Sadly, we have no plan even today.

Actions what shall individuals, entities, heads of governments, or heads of rural area take when AQI reaches 500+ are indefinite. Nobody knows what to do when maximum permissible level of Fine particular matter (PM 2.5) reaches to 10 or 20 times higher than 50 mcg/m3.

Nobody talks about 5-year air pollution decrease prognosis, and 10-year later negative influence to children’s health.

None of mayors since 2000 took any action or did any work to reduce air pollution.
How many children should die in order to make them start working?

PS: It is informed that 120 children passed away according to research on Ulaanbaatar city air pollution impact on human health, made with cooperation of Social health department research team of Health Sciences University, University of California, Berkeley USA, and Seoul National University of South Korea.


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