ETT may raise coal price and double dividends


2019-04-17 08:30 GMT+8

Coking coal prices expected to hike this year compared to previous years. Mongolia has the opportunity to earn over USD 1.3 trillion from coal exports. If we use it, Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi JSC (ETT) will double its 2018 profits with about MNT 1.5 trillion. For example, the company could increase its coal price by USD 20 per, which could then double dividends by at least USD 90 per share.

Mongolia plans to export 42 million tons of coal for MNT 1.3 trillion return in 2019. With this amount of money being generated from coal revenue, this year's budget will be much higher. The country could spend the budget on social projects such as schools, kindergartens, and hospitals in the capital city and rural areas. We have been resetting the historical record of coal exports for the last three consecutive years and might renew it this year.

Mongolia has a chance to expand its market in the southern neighbors, and to have a strategic relationship with China in the coal trade. The S&P Global Platts survey shows that the coking coal prices have risen by over USD 20 per ton since the beginning of this year. Coal prices will remain steady throughout the year. The price of coking coal is expected to reach USD 250 per ton, exceeding the previous year's price, according to the Vice-President of Fenwei Energy Information Services Co., Ltd. Sarah Liu.


The Chinese side emphasized that China's coal reserves will increase beyond 36 million tons in the south at China's "Coking Coal Resources and Market" world conference. Furthermore, the demand for high-quality coking coal remains high. Within the framework of the Blue Sky plan implemented by China, the region's major industrial zones began to shift from the sea to the north. Chinese market will come closer to Mongolia as a result. The seaborne coking coal price is starting to become expensive in the northern part of the country, where the industry is developing and steel production is in process.

According to the Ministry of Finance, Mongolia's coal export increased by 15 percent to 7.8 million tons over the same period of the previous year. In the second quarter, we can expect more growth in coal exports, says a correspondent of the ministry.

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