The Tsahim Urtuu – National University of Mongolia Scholarship Announcement for Academic year 2019-2024


2019-07-11 19:08 GMT+8

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Tsahim Urtuu Holboo NGO is pleased to announce the Tsahim Urtuu – National University of Mongolia Scholarship for Mongolian Diaspora (Round II) to recent high school graduates who are identified as individuals of ethnic Mongol origin with permanent residency in Qinghai (Köke Nuur) province of the People's Republic of China or Republic of Kalmykia of Russian Federation.

The merit based scholarship will be awarded to one Upper mongol (Deed mongol) applicant from Qinhai province, PRC and one Kalmyk applicant from Russian Republic of Kalmyk who seek to pursue undergraduate degree programs at the National University of Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar. The scholarship will cover all expenses pertaining to 4-year undergraduate degree program and a year of Mongolian language training.

The amount of the scholarship is approximately USD 36,000 for each scholar. It includes all tuition costs, monthly stipend, book costs, academic fees, health insurance, and lodging at the university campus. The award also covers a round trip airfare from the recipient's home country to Mongolia and other travel expenses such as visa fees. Upon conclusion of each academic year, each scholar is expected to write a report of his/her academic accomplishments and understanding of contemporary Mongolia.

The objectives of the scholarship are outlined as follows:

  • To provide opportunity for young ethnic Mongolians, their country's future leaders, to gain access to higher education in Mongolia;
  • To help the scholars to gain understanding and appreciation of contemporary Mongolia;
  • To motivate the scholars to act as lifelong ambassadors of their home countries and vice versa thus strengthening the relationship, mutual understanding and cultural awareness between the Deed mongol, Kalmyk and Mongolian peoples;
  • To inspire personal and academic achievement of each scholar;

As future leaders with awareness of Mongolian culture, society and values, the Tsahim Urtuu - NUM scholars will contribute to strengthening the relationship between the Mongolian, Deed mongol and Kalmyk peoples, their governments and their institutions. Tsahim Urtuu - NUM scholars are talented, independent and wide-ranging in their interests and their time as scholars will enhance their intellectual and personal growth.

Who may apply

The applicant must be between 17 and 19 years of age. If you are a Deed mongol or a Kalmyk student recently graduated from high school who possess a strong academic and individual achievements, and if your intellectual interests will be well served by the undergraduate programs offered at the National University of Mongolia, we encourage you to apply for the scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded through a competitive application process and the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum of 3.0 Cumulative GPA (out of 4.0 GPA scale);
  • Be in the top 20% of the high school graduating class;
  • English knowledge is not required, however it is encouraged;
  • Continued eligibility: Must maintain a 3.0 Cumulative GPA, and a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester;

Academic programs

As part of the scholarship program, the following fields of study are available at National University of Mongolia:

For applicants from Qinghai (Köke Nuur) province of the People's Republic of China:

School of Arts and Sciences, National University of Mongolia

Anthropology, Archaeology, History, Linguistics, Religious studies, Mongolian Language and Literature;

For applicants from Republic of Kalmykia of Russian Federation:

School of Engineering and Applied sciences, National University of Mongolia

Electronics, Information system, Information technology, Software, Communication technology, Computer network, Computer engineering, Chemical engineering, Renewable energy, Electronics and automation, Nuclear engineering, Nano sciences and engineering, Applied physics;

School of Arts and Sciences, National University of Mongolia

Mathematics, Physics, Applied chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Environmental sciences, Geography, Geology, Geophysics, Ecology;

How to apply

All application documents must be submitted in one of the following languages: Mongolian, English, Russian or Chinese. The following list of application components must be submitted:

  • An application form;
  • A personal essay including statement of purpose;
  • Official high school transcript;
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty of your most recent school;
  • A letter of recommendation from your parent or a family member;
  • A photocopy of ID card and passport;
  • A digital copy of recent passport-size photo;

Please note that there is no application fee. The application package is available for download at

Application deadline

The application deadline is at 12 am (UTC +08:00 Ulaanbaatar) on August 11, 2019. All application documents must be sent to before the deadline. The Scholarship Committee may consider late applications beyond the deadline if circumstances warrant.

Considerations in selection process

The Scholarship Committee will seriously consider candidates with strong motives to study at the National University of Mongolia. Furthermore, the applicant’s past academic record, community service, personal integrity, coherent plan of study and well documented reasons for studying in Mongolia will serve as important consideration for the selection process.

Notification of the Committee’s Decision

A receipt of applications will be notified by applicant’s email address accordingly before August 11, 2019. Up to 5 shortlisted candidates from each country will be invited for online interview for further evaluation. The winners of the award will officially be announced by the Scholarship Committee on August 15, 2019 and the announcement will be published on at 12 pm (UTC +08:00 Ulaanbaatar), August 15, 2019. The Scholarship Committee will give careful consideration to all candidates; however, once the decision has been made, all decisions are final.

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