Z.Enkhbold: 108 parliament members to have 5 year term

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2019-07-17 11:20 GMT+8
Z.Enkhbold, Chief of the Office of the President of Mongolia

Draft of amendment to the Constitutional Law of Mongolia, initiated by Kh.Battulga, the President of Mongolia, has been submitted to Speaker of the Parliament. 

Z.Enkhbold, Chief of the Office of the President of Mongolia, made report related to this. 

He said “The word “city” is not reflected in the Constitutional Law. Thus, the word “city” will be added and 8 districts of Ulaanbaatar will be city. Also, Article 57.3 Parliament shall make decision based on local meeting proposal will be terminated, and no permission will be required in further. Parliament and government will make resolution of province and soum establishment. No permission need to be required. No city has been added in last 30 years related to this. City is able to select Governor of soum and district directly.

The draft includes proposals to have 108 Parliament members with 5-year term, to have mixture election system and to prohibit poll on issues related independence. Also, detailed provision on natural resource management is proposed as 51% of the profit shall stay in Mongolian part and foreign invest shall be 100%.

Furthermore, Judicial Disciplinary Committee will be newly established”.

The basis of 5 year-term is that each party can see both growth and drop of economy during this period. 

The president is not supporting 12-year appointment of Supreme court judge and double position of 4 members of the government. He only supports Prime Minister can be Parliament member and other Ministers shall not be PM. 

During the cabinet meeting, members of the government will reflect their proposal and present to the draft initiator. 

Z.Enkhbold, Chief of the Office of the President of Mongolia, said “Proposals from 7 organizations will be received, the government is not included. And other 7 organizations are finishing proposals”.

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