47 competitors to SMEDF MNT 13 billion loan

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2019-07-18 17:11 GMT+8

Small and medium enterprise development fund (SMEDF) long term and concessionary loans are to be disbursed in two ways; through bank or SMEDF directly. 

Pre-research step of projects to be financed through bank has been finished. 

Requests of MNT 47.4 billion have been analyzed by SMEDF including 65 applicants of loans from MNT 300.0 million to MNT 1 billion. 47 applicants have been pointed above 70 and transferred to next step.

The projects are by sector as following:

•Processing industry- 78.5%

•Agriculture- 12.5%

•Wholesale trade, tourism and catering service- 9%

Processing industry includes meat processing, milk and dairy products, cashmere, leather processing and shoes manufacture, which are priority of small and medium enterprise according to resolution 190 of the government. Also projects of import acing products and manufacturing export products have been transferred to next level. 47 participants will be listed by numbers given by 7 members of the committee. Committee meeting has started this morning and will last whole day.

Pre-research of the project considered profit, benefit, collateral adequacy, sector tendency and new working place. The projects were evaluated by 100-point system with 90 selections of 15 indications.

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