The first forum of Mongolian engineers voluntary association has took place

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2019-09-16 17:39 GMT+8

The duty of engineers of technological sector is very important in digital transformation era.  They are facing issues of learning fast-paced new techs and gaining useful information other than introducing international development into domestic network.

Therefore, Mongolian Network Operators Group has been established by some optimistic generation to unite themselves as one. It is such a pleasure that Mongolian network centers, private organizations together joined as one without competition atmosphere for the development of the engineers skill and knowledge. The first non-profit event has successfully organized today as they invited international and domestic professionals for seminars and lectures.

The forum consists of two areas which are forum meetings and professional seminars and will continue for five days starting from tomorrow. Experts from APNIC, NSRC, FREEBSD Foundation will give skillful seminars and speeches.

Mobicom Network LLC, Mobicom Group’s subsidiary, has acted as the general and platinum sponsor of the event.

CEO of Mobicom Group companies, Tatsuya Hamada mentioned in his speech that “Mongolian Network Operators Group first event was held today and I think that this is really effective for internet society in Mongolia. Exchanging technological information among association members without any business competition is really good for internet society’s development.

Also, there was a question: What do you think about the Mongolian engineer skills? And he replied that “I think Mongolian engineers technological knowledge is really high” Because, Japanese tech giant firms work with Mongolian companies by outsource contract and there are lots of young Mongolian engineers among them. Also, technological experts are in demand internationally and that’s why developed countries look for tech engineers from abroad and Mongolian experts are already competing in the world.

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