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2019-09-25 12:37 GMT+8

Khan Bank has 6,000 employees. Khan Bank, with 538 branches nationwide, provides banking services to an estimated 70% of Mongolian families. How do they do it? Today we're taking a closer look at the employees whose everyday responsibilities are working on the frontlines with our customers. Let's learn more about what standards they have to uphold, what part of their job they are most proud of, and what they hope to achieve.

M.Chantsalmaa, Customer Advisor at the Head Office Sub-branch:

I work on the frontline, representing the Bank to our customers. Customer advisors deal with customers starting from welcoming them to the branch to saying goodbye. I'm the one who introduces the Bank to our customers. On average, I serve about 400 people a day.

The Bank focuses on improving customer service and provides regular communication skills training to employees. The trainers provide us with detailed instructions, such as saying, “Hello, Sir/Ma’am. Welcome to Khan Bank. How may I help you?”, smiling, and greeting customers with a friendly and safe approach.

We can see that this is a standard customer greeting at any Khan Bank branch. Apart from communication skills, the Bank places great importance on employee appearance, presentation, and the service environment. The Bank works had to create a comfortable environment for customers to receive banking services. In my opinion, training and educating customers on using digital products and services efficiently is another way to improve customer service quality and speed. As a result, customers will be able to get any service they want without having to queue at a bank branch. The use of digital products can improve the customer's experience and bring new banking services to sub-branches.   

M.Naidan, Senior Relationship Manager at Khan Bank Narnii Zam Sub-branch:

I first joined the Bank in 2015, as a teller. When I think of the Bank’s strong reputation in the market, I feel proud when I tell people that I work at Khan Bank. Not only am I proud, but my parents and my wife are also proud of me. This gives me great motivation to always strive to do better. Relationship Managers play an important role at the Bank, welcoming customers, talking to them, and finding financial solutions. With a good attitude, commitment, and dedication, I believe anyone can succeed in what they hope to accomplish. The various programs and campaigns organized by the Bank to motivate employees have been the leverage for me to consistently deliver strong performance. I was named the Bank's best Relationship Manager in 2018. I am very grateful that I was rewarded with an overseas trip for winning internal campaigns held from  January to June 2019. As part of the Employee Work-Life Balance Program, all sub-branches of the Bank now close at 5:00 p.m., allowing employees to leave work by 6:00. I think this was a very good decision and, as a result, employees have more time to develop themselves, to learn and grow, take care of their health, go to the gym, take part in recreational activities, and spend more time with their families. This will simultaneously help to improve customer service and productivity.

T.Badamtsetseg, Operator at Khan Bank Contact Center:

I work at the Contact Center, also known as the Khan Bank 1800-1917 Call Center. I answer about 200-250 calls per day on average. Contact Center service is of the utmost importance in the modern world, in the sense that it allows customers to receive all types of banking services using their mobile phones, without spending their valuable time visiting branches. In other words, we offer 38 different types of banking and financial services through the Contact Center, available 24 hours a day. The nature of our job is to receive customer requests or complaints and to resolve them in a timely manner. We receive a number of calls from frustrated customers, as the number and volume of transactions peak during holidays and festivals. Customers are probably unaware that the person on the other end of the call is somebody like their children, siblings, or partner, someone who is trying to help them. Since the line is not automated, there are times when you can get offended by what customers say to you. In those moments, you have to go to the Wellness Room, take a little break, and then get back to work. With the help of regular training on communicating with customers effectively and managing your own emotions, we know how to handle such situations. Still, sometimes, we wish that customers would better understand the nature of our job. Working at the Call Center requires not only knowledge of the Bank's services, but also the ability to understand what customers want, and to react quickly. I work to stay committed to what I do with integrity. I am proud to be part of such a wonderful team at the  Contact Center of the leading bank in Mongolia.

A.Orkhonbayar, Manager of Khan Bank Ikh Khuree Sub-branch:

I've been working at Khan Bank for 12 years, since I first joined the Bank after graduation as an auditor in the Internal Audit Department. I am very proud of being part of an open-minded, positive, and enthusiastic team. I definitely believe that today’s success and the achievements of the nation's leading financial institution, and the largest bank in Mongolia, is the result of the hard work and performance of its 6,000 employees, as well as its customers.

As a leading institution in the Mongolian banking and finance sector, our Bank is well known for being a pioneer and introducing innovative technological solutions to  the market. In addition, the Bank has been taking measures to improve the design of branches and employee uniforms, and to develop customer-centric service. As a result, customers are happy with employees welcoming them with warm greetings and assisting them in getting the services they need.  Our employees are working hard every day to offer more customer-friendly and comfortable service to the customers who choose Khan Bank.

   Khan Bank, a leading bank in Mongolia's banking and finance, is in its 28th year of operations. Thanks to the efforts of our employees, our brand ambassadors, we have created great success and achievements for our valuable customers.

   In recent years, Khan Bank has been recognized by international magazines that assesses developments and trends in the banking sector, honoring banks that improve the quality of their products and services, and that implement projects and programs that benefit society.

   In 2019, Khan Bank was named the Best Bank in Mongolia by Euromoney for the tenth time. This honor followed being named Best Bank in Mongolia by FinanceAsia and Global Finance, and Best Digital Bank by Asiamoney, all in 2019.

It is rare for a bank to receive ten Euromoney awards within 14 years. Today's prestigious achievement is the result of the hard work of our employees, an important part of the Khan Bank family. Thank you to all of our employees.

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