MPP supports 9 people including Ts.Tsengel as ambassadors

Translator E.Oyun-Erdene

2020-01-28 11:00 GMT+8

Mongolian People’s Party Caucus at the Parliament hold meeting and supports 9 members to be the ambassadors in 9 countries. While the group didn’t support 2 as Ch.Burenbayar as ambassador to India and Ts.Unurzaya as ambassador to South Korea whom the Minister of Foreign Relations nominated 11 people. 

The reasons are Ch.Burenbayar is 66 years old which is not capable according to Law on Public Service and Ts.Unurzaya considered as no experience on diplomacy. Therefore, new ambassadors to 9 countries will be discussed during the Parliament meeting. 

However, language proficiency of Ts.Tsengel, new ambassador to Bulgaria, is criticized by public, he is well experienced in public service and able to be ambassador as stated by D.Togtokhsuren, Mongolian People’s Party Caucus Chief. 

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