J.Amarsanaa: 5-6 doctors contacted me after I announced to volunteer in Wuhan city

Translator E.Oyun-Erdene GoGo.mn

2020-01-30 12:17 GMT+8

Former Deputy Minister of Health J.Amarsaikhan posted on his Facebook that he is going to work in Wuhan, China voluntarily. He will leave Mongolia on February 2 and has appealed other young doctors to join him. Gogo.mn contacted him and collected additional details.

Good day to you, are you going to Wuhan city to volunteer?
- Yes, why not. Demand of doctors to work in the region is currently high. Protesting against virus spread is just a small part of whole work, and I wanted to make contribution to destroy the virus onsite by using my knowledge and capacity as a doctor. Also, I want to show that Mongolian doctors are courageous and conscientious.
Have you informed to the Embassy of Mongolia in People’s Republic of China about your decision?
- I contacted the Embassy, but Embassy is closed due to Chinese New Year. I hope it is able to go there with help of the Embassy of Mongolia in People’s Republic of China.
How do you help if you get in Wuhan city?
- I am ready to use all my capacity.
Are you not afraid of getting virus?
- I will use the protection clothes and I hope will be fine. I have been working related many kinds of viruses all my life and I gained some experience.
You have appealed young doctors to join?
- Yes, I have. 30 minutes after I posted on Facebook about it, 5-6 doctors contacted me and expressed their interest to join. I consider that one team with 10 members will be fine.

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