Donation campaign “1 person- 1000 tugrik” to help citizens of Wuhan city

2020-02-08 09:00 GMT+8

R.Munkhbat, President of National Association of Food and Agriculture, and Head of Mongolia-Inner Mongolia Cooperation Association made press release and stated “Mongolia is in high risk of Coronavirus, and our country makes realistic assessment on situation and takes quick actions. Also the government granted USD 200.000 to Republic of China as financial aid for removing the virus. We have decided to organize donation campaign “1 person- 1000 tugrik” with 1-month term for supporting citizens of Wuhan city, China. And we are appealing to announce the campaign nationwide”.

R.Munkhbat also stated that many projects and programs have been implemented in Mongolia framework of bilateral cooperation with China. Organizers of the campaign will deliver the donation money transferring through the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Mongolia addressing “To the citizens of Wuhan city”.

Donation account: KHAN BANK 5041 577 857

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