Build Mongolia 2020 international expo will attended to Italy, Switzerland, Japan and Belarusian presentatives

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2020-02-12 11:03 GMT+8

Build Mongolia 2020 International Construction, road and transportation, power and energy and heavy industry expo will be held on 02- 04 April 2020 at Buyant-Ukhaa Sports Palace, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia.

The organizing committee will hold discussion and lecture of state policy, covering distinct topics about the field at time with guest speakers from the Government, its agencies, academic scholars and business professionals covering topics including the Government policy on construction, road & transportation, power & energy, heavy industry and infrastructure projects of Mongolia, the trend and forecast of the industry, and more. Also present the most innovative and high-technologies.

Currently, the world leading company of French Republic “French Technology” LLC from the construction sector, Ulaanbaatar Buk LLC of road company, “New Energy” LLC from the energy sector will be attend the expo. And embassy of Italy, Belarus and India represent their leading companies.

“Solongiin Domog” LLC is the sole distributor of the world’s  popular AICA brand of Japan, and “Ultra Sonic” LLC  supply and services  the most innovative and environmentally technologies of The Federal Republic of Germany and Switzerland will be attend the expo respectively.

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