PMs connected to SMEDFund loan are required repayment

Translator E.Oyun-Erdene

2020-02-12 12:10 GMT+8

Kh.Altankhuyag, a citizen who is under progress of establishing “Citizens’ demanding right” NGO, made a press conference in front of the 9th office of the Government (State Property Policy Regulation Office). He is demanding Parliament Members, who put Small and Medium Enterprise Fund loans into their own companies, to make repayment. 

Kh.Altankhuyag said “Yesterday, we met small and medium enterprise owners working at the market. They are really frustrated about it and they just want to improve their small factory with 10 employees. First of all, we are demanding those PMs to repay SMEDFund loans that they used for their own. Names of those members should be announced to the public. Secondly, Parliament Speaker and other Parliament Members should be in charge of it. And the President Kh.Battulga should monitor the process. Third, if they hide this case, we will come to the election region of those members and appeal to citizens of the region to repay the loan. Also we published the book named “Thieves of SME” with purpose of never forgetting the case.

He also stated that the NGO hasn’t been established yet, and he submitted the documents to the State Registration Office yesterday. They discussed through Facebook that the SMEDFund case is being forgotten, so we decided to establish NGO related to this, but we have a problem that the proposal should be presented to the Head at first, however the submission fee is only MNT 1000. 

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