“Mongolia Mining 2020” expo to be held in April

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2020-02-17 11:41 GMT+8

The 2020 Mongolia Mining international mining & oil expo will be held on April 08-10  in Ulaanbaatar, focusing on Supplier mining companies. More than 200 exhibitors from countries such as Australia, Belarus, Canada, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Italy, Singapore, Russia,   United Kingdom, and United States of America will introduce the latest technology and equipment in the mining and heavy industry. Moreover, the investors, suppliers and guests attending the international exhibition will be introduced to the mineral industry of Mongolia. In specific, there will be a seminar on government policy in mining sector in addition to presentations delivered by the exhibitors.

The event is the most important channel to bridge current technologies to the mineral and oil sector of Mongolia, as well as creating favorable networking and learning environment. For supplier mining companies, Mongolia Mining is the single most effective marketing tool to reach their customers.  Therefore Mongolia Mining 2020 expo allows businesses and entrepreneurs to meet global technologies from home country, saving their time and money. 

The expo, dubbed as the biggest mining expo in Mongolia, is jointly organized by Minex Mongolia Co., Ltd and International Expo Bureau of Mongolia, supported by Ministry of Mining & Heavy industry and Oyutolgoi and  sponsored by Transwest Mongolia LLC, Tsbon LLC,  Jindinshin LLC and United Belaz Machinery LLC.  

If you need more information please visit at www.mongolia-mining.com

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