Mongolian citizens can come through Altanbulag border until 06.00 AM March 28

Translator E.Oyun-Erdene

2020-03-23 08:52 GMT+8

During the cabinet meeting dated March 22, following decision related to closing borders was made.

Limitation on traffic through borders was discussed and decision to extend period from 6.00 pm of March 23 until 6 pm April 30 was made. This means foreign citizens are not allowed to enter and Mongolian citizens are not allowed to leave the country through the borders.

And the cabinet made decision to enter Mongolian citizens through Russia and Mongolia border Altanbulag between only 6.00 PM March 23 until 06.00 AM March 28. After that, Mongolian citizens will enter only Zamiin-Uud and Buyant-Ukhaa borders.

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