Tatsuya Hamada: Mobicom group will continue pay social insurance fee due to contribute the State budget

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2020-04-01 13:51 GMT+8

Currently, we are facing the one of the biggest challenges happening to the world. The global epidemic COVID-19 has a huge impact on our lives, society and economy, and many countries are working hard to take comprehensive measures to protect the health and well-being of their people.

It has been four years since I took the management of Mobicom Corporation, one of Mongolia's largest companies, and its subsidiaries. From my own experience of living and working in Mongolia, the current situation of economy is much worse than the 2016 and 2017 crisis. Cooperation of private sectors and the State is important to face the challenge. 

Personally, I deeply appreciate decision made from the government led by PM.Khurelsukh last week. Currently, detailed regulation related to the decision are not definite. 

However, as a CEO of Mobicom Group, I am informing to continue paying social insurance fee in order to contribute the State budget in framework of social responsibility. Of course, it’s not easy decision to make, but we need to overcome the challenge together.

I truly believe that our decision will contribute to the thousands of employees who are working day and night to protect Mongolia from the scourge. 

Tatsuya Hamada

CEO, Mobicom Group

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