Quarantine extended until May 31

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2020-04-28 17:56 GMT+8

Today, State Emergency Commission held meeting. During the meeting, quarantine period was extended until May 31.

Head of State Emergency Commission and Deputy Prime Minister U.Enkhtuvshin reported “The situation is getting complicated. The world is infected with Covid-19 so quickly. Currently, there are 3 million and 64 thousand people infected worldwide. In Russia, the neighbor country of Mongolia, has 87147 cases registered. Total 38 cases registered in Mongolia. Some of them resulted positive after the third test.

During the State Emergency Commission meeting, decision to extend quarantine period until May 31 has been made due to Mongolia is in HIGH RISK category according to risk assessment made by working group appointed by the Deputy Prime Minister. Related to this, international flights and period of receiving Mongolian citizens though Altanbulag, Buyant-Ukhaa and Zamiin-Uud border are also extended”.

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