Total 41 cases of COVID-19 registered in Mongolia

Translator E.Oyun-Erdene

2020-05-05 16:06 GMT+8

General Director of the National Center for Communicable Diseases D.Nyamkhuu reported “Another passenger on Frankfurt-Ulaanbaatar flight resulted positive to COVID-19. Thus, total 41 cases of COVID-19 registered in Mongolia. A citizen of Turkey was recovered and transferred to next step isolation.

Yesterday, 307 tests were made in 5 laboratories. 275 passengers of charter flight resulted negative to COVID-19. A driver who work in Dachin Tamsag had a fever and tested. Result is negative”.

Head of the Department for Medical Assistance at the Ministry of Health Ya.Buyanjargal reported “Since January, 6184 people were isolated and currently there are 800 people.

135 doctors and assistants are serving to the citizens under isolation nationwide. 939 citizens are isolated at home under monitoring of the area doctors”.

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