Calling all private entities to unite under Gobi Era Foundation’s initiative

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2020-06-02 12:35 GMT+8

Green Khanbogd and Healthy Khanbogd campaigns of Gobi Era Foundation continues

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, about 50 thousand people have lost their jobs throughout the country. Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry estimates that another 260 thousand people may lose their jobs in the case of the lockdown continuing.

Therefore with regard to the current situation, suppliers of Oyu Tolgoi LLC, who are the national entities registered in Khanbogd soum, including Javkhlant Gobi Investment LLC and Ulziit Munkh Ovoo LLC have united under their corporate social responsibility to establish Gobi Era Foundation. The foundation's aim is to support the livelihoods of the rural citizens at this time of need, stimulate youth development and create a better living environment in Khanbogd soum.

As the Mongolian saying goes, 'It is better to assist with a needle in time of need than to give a camel in time of prosperity'.

Since its establishment in April 2020, The Gobi Era Foundation has initiated the Green Khanbogd and Healthy Khanbogd campaigns. They plan to implement the following, focused on four core areas in 2020:

  1. Within the framework of the “Green Khanbogd” campaign, the foundation is calling upon all citizens and organisations operating in Khanbogd soum to plant trees in their backyards, to create a better and healthier living environment for them. Thanks to Oyu tolgoi company’s support, Gobi Era foundation had given away a total of 500 planting stocks to 100 families. 10 of the families will be rewarded in September, based on how well they plant and maintain the trees.
  2. The “Healthy Khanbogd” campaign, aims to solve the most imminent health related risks the citizens are facing. For the opening of the campaign, the Gobi Era foundation has carried out a “Vitaminization campaign” in collaboration with Chin Van Impex LLC, through which 1000 sets of Vitamins that includes A, B and C vitamin complexes were given away to Khanbogders and Oyu Tolgoi LLC staff. Another essential part of the campaign is the “Mobile Doctor” and “Doctors’ exchange” program. Doctors will aid and cure patients on-demand through home-based service. The foundation is planning to implement a doctors' exchange program between Ulaanbaatar’s 1st Central Hospital and local hospital to exchange their experience and know-hows.
  3. Within the framework of the “Khanbogd with Dreams” campaign, the foundation is planning to establish a contemporary English language laboratory at a school in the Soum. The founders of the foundation believe this will be the stepping stone for a Soum’s child to become a globally recognized citizen. 
  4. Within the framework of the “Clean Khanbogd” campaign, the foundation is calling upon all citizens to start classifying waste materials and stop littering in the streets. The foundation hopes to create a germ and contamination-free environment based on the participation of the residents.  

The foundation calls upon all private entities, rural and urban, to unite under the initiative to help the public in the time help is most needed.

Photo 1: Thousands of local workers at Oyu Tolgoi received vitamin packets during the opening of the 'Healthy Khanbogd'

Photo 2: A local lady is waiting to receive plants to create a greener Khanbogd.

Photo 3: Oyu Tolgoi mine workers, right from Oyu Tolgoi, left from Javkhlant Gobi Investment Co Ltd., helping during the Green Khanbogd campaign in early May.

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