Democratic Party announces R.Amarjargal as next PM

Translator E.Oyun-Erdene

2020-06-16 15:36 GMT+8

On June 15, Democratic Party held a press release at the Parliament house. 

Chairman of Democratic Party S.Erdene reported “Mongolian parliamentary election campaign is ongoing these days. Our candidates are successfully competing throughout Mongolia. From the very beginning, we had an opinion that we would participate in this election successfully. Until the next government is appointed, the current government is obliged to exercise its full powers. At any time, whether there is an election or not, the government must continue to perform its functions. Unfortunately, Mongolia's reputation abroad is extremely unfavorable.

Mongolia has been included in the blacklist of EU, and credit rating has been downgraded. At this time of the election, the Democratic Party's board discussed these issues. It is clear that the Democratic Party will have a majority in this election.

Therefore, the structure and composition of the government to be formed as a result of the election were discussed. The composition of the new government will be announced this week. It has been officially decided to nominate R.Amarjargal as the next Prime Minister of Mongolia if the Democratic Party gains a majority”.

Deputy Chairman of Democratic Party R.Amarjargal said “This is a great hope and responsibility given to me by Democratic Party. I will work hard to achieve this. I just heard the news. Therefore, I will express my position on this issue in the near future.”

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