3 more patients recovered

Translator E.Oyun-Erdene GoGo.mn

2020-07-07 09:31 GMT+8

334 people were tested on July 5 and resulted negative to Covid-19. 262 passengers of Tokyo-Ulaanbaatar charter flight were resulted negative to Covid-19. 32 drivers arrived through the Altanbulag border were resulted negative to Covid-19. And 3 patients were recovered and moved to next step isolation; Male with age 22 was under treatment for 48 days, male with age 36 was under treatment for 37 days, and female with age 53 was under treatment for 23 days.

Total 220 cases of Covid-19 registered in Mongolia and 188 of them were recovered. Currently, 32 patients are under treatment and 30 are having light symptoms. A pregnant woman who was under isolation gave birth to a daughter.

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