Chinese citizens violated the country border detains

Translator E.Oyun-Erdene

2020-07-31 13:38 GMT+8

On July 24, a Chinese citizen violated the Mongolian border near Dornogovi province which Border 0129 unit is in charge of. Guard shift led by E.Temuulen, a contracted border guard, found the Chinese citizen who violated the border.

Three days later on July 27, a Chinese citizen who had hidden in the trunk of a freight train No.7813 on the Erlian-Zamiin-Uud route and violated the state border. Border guards O.Bayartogtokh and D.Tsend-Ayush of Border 0108 unit at Zamiin-Uud found the incident and detained the Chinese citizen.

The Government of Mongolia has restricted the movement of citizens through the Mongolian-Chinese border since January 28, 2020 related to Covid-19 outbreak in the People’s Republic of China. In the current situation, Mongolia is one of the few countries in the world that has not been infected with Coronavirus. 

However, there are many cases of smuggling prohibited items (natural gems, historical and cultural heritage, artifacts) across the state border, and border guards have repeatedly detected such acts.

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