E.Otgonbayar awarded at International Biennial of painting Chisinau-2015

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2015-05-14 14:48 GMT+8

"Roaring Hoofs - 52"

Artisit E.Otgonbayar awarded with grand prize at International Biennial of painting Chisinau-2015 which is to support the development of the painting in terms of innovative techniques oriented towards current technical expression means, by his "Roaring Hoofs - 52" painting.

145 artists from 32 countries are taking part in International Biennial of painting Chisinau-2015 and are exhibiting over 160 artworks.

The exhibition displayed at the “Constantin Brancusi” Exhibition Center in Moldava and open to the public from May 14 to June 07.

"Roaring Hoofs - 52" is one of his paintings of "Roaring Hoofs" series and "Roaring Hoofs - 52" is his first paintings of this year.

The first painting of the "Roaring Hoofs" series was painted in 1999. The biggest "Roaring Hoofs" series (720*440 cm) was painted in 2012 - 2013 and it is being decorated the hall of Best Western Primer Tuushin Hotel.

He inspired by the traditional technique and he is Mongolian major representative of miniature contemporary art. He has been living in Germany since 2005 and founded Gallery ZURAG which is the first gallery founded and operated by a Mongol outside of Mongolia, in 2010.

Roaring Hoofs at Best Western Primer Tuushin Hotel

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