AQI of Bayankhoshuu ger area is the highest


2017-12-13 09:57 GMT+8

As of 08 a.m. in the morning, air quality index indicates that:

  • Chinggis Khaan international airport 136,
  • Amgalan 104,
  • Tolgoit ger area 241,
  • Mongolian natianal broadcast area 231,
  • Western intersection (Bayangol district) 232,
  • Wrestler`s Palace (Bayanzurkh districy) 151,
  • 100 houses (100 ail, Sukhbaatar district) 86,
  • Bayankhoshuu ger area (Songinokhairhan district) 535.

In order to measue air quality index (AQI) of Ulaanbaatar city, totally 11 monitoring stations are placed in different areas of the capital. On the above picture Misheel expo shopping center area`s AQI shows 33 points, which is the lowest. But AQI indicator which placed in near Misheel expo has been broken, that`s why it shows low numbers.

Due to World health organization recommendation, AQI must not exceed 501 and if indicator reaches higher than 501, polluted air causes unhealthy conditions.

Doctors recommend that in the morning and in the evening, residents have use masks (specially for children) when going outside.

In China, Beejing administration turn alarm system in the case of AQI exceeds 200. In this case public activities planned to be held outside are forbidden and school do not allow to take physical education classes outside. Beijing also implemented a staggered vehicle ban that only allowed even-numbered registration plates to operate one day before switching to odd the next.   

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